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CT Joinery pre-primes all timber product before dispatch (unless a clear finish timber is requested for staining or other protection methods). This is done to protect the timber from moisture ingress for the short period of time from supply until installation. Pre-priming also simplifies your painting process as the joinery no longer requires an undercoat.  You will need to paint your product with a minimum of 2 coats after receipt and install.

In the process for priming our product, CT Joinery ensures that all surfaces are free from dirt and dust, and that the product is dry. We then apply a specialty timber primer which is a modified alkyd based pigmented sealer designed specifically for joinery. This is formulated to provide excellent adhesion and coverage, and to give you the best possible surface for your top coating needs.

For added short term moisture protection, CT Joinery also apply an ACE 121 timber preservative to all wood end grains.


CT apply the primer using an airless spray system in our specialty Panda Spray booths, which includes a preparatory bay, spray booth, bake oven and mixing room, designed and built to produce high end paint finishes. Its 26,560 m3/hour fan capacity ensures that the air in the booth is dust and toxin free.

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