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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our manufacturing plant is located on the North Shore of Auckland, NZ.

What areas of New Zealand do you service?

We can supply to anywhere in the wider Auckland area, the North Island or throughout New Zealand as required.

What is your product guarantee?

CT Joinery warrants its products for 10 years.

Can you come to my house for a measure?

Ideally if you require a couple of pieces of joinery then the best way forward is to measure the height and width of the framed area (approximation is fine), and briefly describe what you would like. We can talk you through this process.
We will then use this detail to produce a quotation. If you would like to proceed with the work, we would come to site to do a full measure and produce the shop drawings for manufacture.
If you would prefer a site measure, or you are looking for the joinery to be replaced in the entire house, give us a call and we can propose a way forward that best meets your needs.

Can you supply the glass installed?

Yes, we can. We have a glazer onsite at our factory. For small product we can install the glass before the joinery leaves our factory. For larger heavier product, we can perform a measure before dispatch and once the joinery is installed, our glazer will come to site and fit all glass.

Do we paint the doors and windows?

If the product is to be painted, then we will apply a primer coat. This will help protect the joinery from moisture ingress, and offer a good base coat on which to apply the two (minimum) top coats.
However, we do not supply the top coating ourselves. We recommend painting within 2 weeks of supply, and until painted that the joinery be keep in a dry location.

Do we perform installation of the joinery?

We recommend that you employ a builder or experienced installer to perform the installation work. We would be happy to recommend someone if you would like.

Do you repair old or rotting Joinery?

We can supply new joinery to replace the old, or we can recommend someone to perform basic remedial work.

Do you supply or install hardware?

We have a hardware supply company onsite. They can discuss your hardware needs with you and recommend an install agent, and we can offer a recommended install agent as well. 

How do you protect your doors and windows from moisture?

We use an epoxy sealant on the top and bottom of ALL our exterior doors and windows/sashes before they are primed, unless otherwise requested. This allows for maximum protection against water absorption at the end grain.

We will then apply a primer coat if the product is to be painted in the future.

Does your wood joinery meet Code of Compliance requirements?

Yes, it does. If needed we review the wind zone restrictions for your property and design the joinery strength to suit. Once delivered, we would issue a PS3 for your Code of Compliance.

Does your wood joinery meet the NZ standard?

Yes, our joinery meets the NZ4211 standard as required.

Is there any thermal efficient difference between wood joinery and aluminum joinery?

Yes, heat loss prevention for timber joinery is much better when compared to aluminum (metal is a conductor of heat).  In fact, in some country’s aluminum frames use a barrier of wood to improve their thermal properties.

Would we need sill trays?

We would highly recommend a sill tray as best practice, yes

Do you have a catalogue that we can look at?

Not at this time. But please contact us and we walk you through your options.

What's the difference in thermal efficiency between certain types of glass?

Heat loss reduction for double glazing is better than 6.38 clear laminate, an approximate 30% to 50% improvement.
A low-E coating on single glazed glass is available. Low-E on windows refers to a metal oxide film which lets the sun’s rays pass through, but at night reflects infrared heat back into the room. Low-E coatings slightly reduce the light and heat that will enter through your window, but can greatly improve the heat loss during cold nights.

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