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Timber Bifold Doors

Timber Bifold Doors

Timber Bifold Doors (or concertina doors) are a set of door panels that are hinged to each other, enabling them to fold together on one side or both sides of an opening, like an accordion. This design concept allows for the largest open-door space of any door design.

We can quote off-plan, and attend site visits to conduct a measure. We can also instruct your team on what to expect, and best way to accommodate the bifold product in your build space.

What we do

CT Timber Joinery design and manufacture a large array of bespoke bifold doors in our 2000m2 plant. We can build small bifold doors, or door sets as large as 8-9m with steel re-enforcement

About Us

Materials and Hardware

CT will construct your product in the material specified and the agreed timeframes.

However, the standard materials nominally used for Bifold door construction at CT Timber Joinery are:

  • Door sashes (doors):        Western Red Cedar or Alaskan Yellow Cedar
  • Bifold Door frames:          H3.2 Finger Jointed Pine
  • Glazing:                               Single or Double Glazing
  • Hinges:                                Stainless Steel
  • Pre-primed:                        Standard on all painted product

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