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Glazing (Glass Install)

Glazing Overview

CT Timber Joinery have an on-site glazier who can measure and install your choice of glass. Due to weight restrictions of the final product, it is normal to measure the glass at our factory and fit onsite, once the joinery has been installed. For smaller low weight items we can supply with glazing pre- installed.

CT Timber Joinery use the following glazing as standard, with other options available

  • Single Glazing 6.38mm laminated
  • Double Glazing 4mm toughened either side with a 12mm spacer for 58mm thick joinery
  • Double Glazing 4mm toughened either side with a 10mm spacer for 44mm thick joinery

Other Glazing Options

Other options include, but are not limited to:

Clear annealed

5mm options

6.38mm options

Low E Laminate

Sound stop

Opalite (frosted)

Clear Stippolyte/Mistlite/Cathedral

Clear Stippolyte/Mistlite/Cathedral Toughened

Argon Gas filling

We also have relationships with lead-lite specialists if required for your project

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