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CT Timber joinery design and manufacture commercial solid timber joinery. We have a long history of building specialty doors and entranceways, windows, large sliders, and complex bi-folds for commercial projects.

CT have been involved in award winning high concept houses and varied store and restaurant entrances. We can manufacture bespoke stair treads, rails or any number of intricate timber product designs.

CT Timber Joinery have a large regular clientele in the building industry and our excellent relationships remain that way because of knowledge, communication and quality.

Project Management

CT Timber Joinery have a team of qualified project managers who will conduct all site measures, produce shop drawings and purchase bespoke materials. They will be your main contact and will interact directly with architects, builders and owners or anyone deemed relevant, on your behalf. All project managers have timber joinery backgrounds, and decades of experience.

Projects are scheduled on our production boards, and delivery timeframes are communicated with clientele. This enables ease of customer planning.


Our in-house estimator can provide a quotation based on your architectural plans or conceptual drawings, glazing options, location (wind zone) and product style.

CT Joinery use a specialty joinery costing software to provide your team with accurate and timely quotations.

Site Measure and Drawings

CT Timber joinery will attend site meetings and site measures as required, offering advice on joinery options and installation requirements.

From a site measure we will produce manufacturing drawings utlising specialty draughting software for accuracy and speed. We will co-ordinate with your project team for approval or modification, before issuing the finalised shop drawings to the factory floor for production

Material Options

CT Joinery will manufacture joinery with any available and suitable timber material, to a clear or paint quality finish. We can provide specialty fixtures, and offer recommendations based on the size and weights of the finished product.

CT Timber Joinery has an onsite CNC machine to allow the shaping of complex and repeatable designs.


If you have chosen to paint the joinery once installed, CT will apply a sealant to the end grain and pre-prime the product in one of our two onsite spray booths. This will allow short term protection from moisture ingress while awaiting installation and the final paint coats to be applied by you or your team.

Standards and Compliance

All joinery will be designed and built to the current NZS4211 standard, and a producer statement will be supplied if required for council consent.

CT will calculate external joinery strength based on the wind zone of your project’s location, and ensure that it is fit for purpose.


CT Timber joinery have an on-site glazer who can measure and install your choice of glass, either in factory (if the product is small enough) or onsite once installed.  Some options available include

  • Single Glazing 6.38mm laminated
  • Double Glazing 4mm toughened either side with a 12mm spacer
  • Clear annealed
  • 5mm options
  • 6.38mm options
  • Low E Laminate
  • Sound stop
  • Opalite (frosted)
  • Clear Stippolyte/Mistlite/Cathedral
  • Clear Stippolyte/Mistlite/Cathedral Toughened
  • Argon Gas filling

We only use the highest grade tracking systems to give you the smoothest opening units…

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Double hung windows

The double hung sash windows that we produce are hung on brass pulleys and use counter balancing lead weights…

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Double glazing

When we make double glazed units we increase the thickness of our joinery to a finish size of 58mm…

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Renovations and alterations

We can supply new joinery for any of your upcoming work. No job is too big or too small…

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We can produce anything from small single window sliders, to 11 metre long 6 door stacking sliders…

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Rotten and damaged joinery

If you have rotten or damaged joinery and would like it replaced, we can make exact replicas…

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Stair treads

Floating stair treads are becoming the WOW factor people are looking for…

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Bespoke one-off items

From custom made curved windows to machining some timber, we have done everything…

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We prime all the joinery that goes out the door, unless it is to be clear finished…

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