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Bifold doors create the illusion of space

Wooden bifold doors, or concertina doors, are the perfect way to create the illusion of more space. They provide great views of the garden, improved air movement and most importantly, an uninterrupted flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Given New Zealand’s warm climate and our love of outdoor living, it’s no surprise that bi folds are our most popular doors.

Residential bifolds up to 8 metres long

CT Timber Joinery have built residential bifold patio doors as small as 1.4m, up to as large as 8 metres in length, with reinforced internal steel bracing.

Commercial bifolds up to 12 metres long

For commercial projects we can quote off-plan or attend site visits to conduct an accurate measure. We can instruct your team on what to expect and the best way to accommodate the bifold doors in your build space.
CT Timber Joinery recommends Western red cedar or Alaskan yellow cedar for wooden bifold doors. There are many other options available, to create a truly bespoke door.

Some of our most popular bifold door options

CT Timber Joinery expertly manufactures bifolds, which are constructed as a set of multiple door panels, hinged to each other, then folded together, like an accordion on one or both sides of an opening. You can choose to have your timber bifold doors open inwards or outwards, fold to the left or right, meet at the corner and have a single hinged swinger door for every day access, something we highly recommend.

Bi fold door 3L 1R

3 left, 1 right door

Bi fold door 3L 2R

3 left, 2 right door

Bi fold door 3L

3 left door

Bi fold door 2L 2R

2 left, 2 right door

timber bifold door

2 left door

Bi fold door 3L 1R _ toplite

3 left, 1 right door, toplite

Bi fold door 3L 2R _ toplite

3 left, 2 right door, toplite

Bi fold door 3L _ toplite

3 left door, toplite

Bi fold door 2L 2R _ toplite

2 left, 2 right door, toplite

Bi fold door 2L _ toplite

2 left door, toplite

Your joinery will need to be installed by a qualified builder. If you need help installing your joinery, our experienced Project Managers may be able to recommend someone suitable. Your glazing can be measured, manufactured and installed by our factory glazer once the joinery is installed, please read our glazing options below.

Pre-Priming Custom Timber Joinery

As a rule, CT Timber Joinery pre-primes all timber joinery before it leaves the factory, unless you have requested a clear finish for wood you plan to stain or protect otherwise. We do this to protect the wood from moisture ingress during the period between supply and installation. Pre-priming simplifies your painting process as our doors and windows won’t require an undercoat but will require a minimum of 2 top coats of paint.

After ensuring the wood is completely dry and free from dust and dirt, we apply the timber primer – a modified alkyd based pigmented sealer designed specifically for wooden joinery. It’s formulated for excellent adhesion and coverage and will provide you with the best possible surface for your top coating needs. For additional short term moisture protection, we also apply an ACE 121 timber preservative to all wood end grains.

Glazing Options for Commercial and Residential Timber Joinery

We are joiners. We specialise in the manufacture of timber windows and doors, many of which will require glazing. At our highly sophisticated Auckland manufacturing plant we have an independent glazer on site who can measure and install your glass. If you would like a quote for glazing please ensure you request this when briefing us.

Due to the weight of most finished products, our glazer normally measures the glass once the custom joinery is made. He then installs it after your builder has fitted the wooden frames. You do of course have the option to work with your own glazer if you prefer.

CT Timber Joinery use the following standard glazing materials but there are many other options available:

  • Single Glazing 6.38mm laminated
  • Double Glazing 4mm toughened either side with a 12mm spacer for 58mm thick joinery
  • Double Glazing 4mm toughened either side with a 10mm spacer for 44mm thick joinery

Other glazing options available include, but are not limited to:

  • Clear annealed glass
  • 5mm options glass
  • 6.38mm glass
  • Low E Laminate
  • Sound stop
  • Opalite (frosted)
  • Clear Stippolyte/Mistlite/Cathedral
  • Clear Stippolyte/Mistlite/Cathedral Toughened
  • Argon Gas filling

Auckland’s Most Experienced Joiners

If you’re looking for custom made timber joinery, you won’t find a better, more experienced team than CT Timber Joinery.

Guaranteed Quality & Craftsmanship

As Master Joiners we take pride in our work and guarantee the craftsmanship of all manufactured product with a 10 year guarantee. Our ever increasing number of happy clients are testament to the workmanship and enduring quality.

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Stu is an absolute pleasure to work with in regards to his design, communication and drawings. CT Timber Joinery produce amazing quality work for us time and time again - often ahead of schedule! Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Phil Close

A fabulous business to deal with - great communication, and a total understanding of my needs. And then a top quality product delivered. I rate this company very highly for their attention to detail and wonderful customer service

Beth Richards